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Our fee is R150.00 / Hour
The client may receive a discount if he/she books for more than 10 hours at once

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We know how frustrating it is having to spend extra money on our kid’s education.

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We answer some of your most pressing questions

We initially have a fix rate for all our subjects, but this rate can vary depending on the type, level, subject, number of learners per lesson (usually one-on-one) and the duration of lessons. Generally, the potential rate per hour ranges between R150 and R200 per hour.

Alpha tutor has an agency fees into the amount that the client pay. These fees are collected to cover the marketing costs and for the administration charges, etc. You will be required to pay in full for the number of hours requested before we allocate you a tutor.

We make sure that we place tutors with learners who live within a 15km radius of the tutor’s home. This will prevent you to waste your valuable time in traffic!

No, all tutors that you meet through us are not authorized to continue working privately with the client.This can lead to the break of his/her contract with us